2 Years Later...

And just like that, life is TOTALLY different.  

If this were a movie, the screen would fade to black, and the sounds of birds chirping in the countryside would introduce the words: "2 Years Later". 

That little wondrous dumpling named Keelan is now 2 years old!  We've moved out of our beloved city of San Francisco, and now live in the cutest of small towns in Wine Country, Sonoma.  My weekend road bike warrior husband, Tim, gets on his bike when he's not being an amazing father and husband. We have a 4 month old golden retriever puppy named Zuki. Oh, and I'm 7 months pregnant expecting our 2nd boy in early November!  

Life is funny. While there is so much going on, when someone asks me, "So what's new?"  I almost always respond, "Oh, the usual!"  The days are long and frankly, mundane.  And the weeks, months and years are so so short.  I try to slow my life down sometimes by just trying to be in the moment and enjoying the growth, chaos and love that surrounds me everyday.  How cool is it that everyone in my home (well, except for Tim) is growing at warp speed?  Keelan has just officially finished potty training, and he's a sponge and talks nonstop from the moment he wakes up. The other day I said, "Keelan we need to hurry up!"  He looks at me and responds, "Mommy, hurry up. We have things to do!"  Zuki came home with us at 10 weeks old and now just one month later, no longer fits her collar, has outgrown her dog bed, and almost fits into her 42" long crate. I have officially hit my third trimester, I roll to get out of bed and the couch.  This willful zygote turned 3lb baby is already head down and seemingly ready to enter in this world as surprisingly and quickly as he was conceived. 

Indeed, life is what passes by when you're busy making plans- or in our case, changing diapers and struggling to stay awake past 9pm to at least watch a TV show together.  While life is mundane, when I think about all that Tim and I have "achieved" in 2 short years, it is simply something to be proud of.

While I hope future posts are more topic-specific than this, I felt like so much time has passed, so much life has changed that a "State of the Union" was necessary before delving into the fun blog topics that have been on the back burner, but on my mind frequently.  I'm proud to say that within this whirlwind of family life, I've managed to keep my professional life/my passion for learning about movement and teaching very much alive. It's my lifeline, it keeps me sane and without it I think I would lose a sense of who I am. Teaching and learning make me a better person, wife and mother.  While my body, my life and my family have gone through tremendous growth and change, so has my Pilates and yoga practices and knowledge.  In retrospect, slowing down, emphasizing learning related movement topics (massage therapy), going back to the basics (anatomy, mechanics, classical exercises), and frankly, teaching less hours, have all made me a better teacher.  I'm excited how I can share this here in my blog.

With that, I'll end this post.  It's almost 10pm and I've got a puppy waking up at 6am!

...to be continued. 


Picture: 28 weeks pregnant & 16 weeks Zuki 



Picture: Keelan always stopping to smell the roses. Here in our town's square.