A typical session with me

What is Pilates + Yoga for the Mindfully Athletic?   When I teach you I'm asking you to connect your mind, breath and body; to move and push yourself with intention and awareness.  Let's take a look at what a typical 1:1 session with me would look like in 3 simplified steps...


1. Breath/Alignment & Stabilization

Assuming we've had some sessions under our belt,  I will most likely begin you on a mat, or on a Pilates Cadillac table.  We'll start with finding your breath and then warm up the hips with simple movements, and I'll start to stretch and align you using fascial stretching and release techniques.

We'll then begin to find heat within and stabilize the pelvis and spine with some Pilates exercises.  For example, we may use a roll back bar on the Pilates Cadillac to articulate the spine and do some variation of the Pilates 100's exercise that is appropriate for you that day.

2. Full Body Movement

Now we are ready to move our bodies to their fullest capacity.  Pilates and Yoga inherently will require you to keep your full body's attention for every exercise/pose.  At this point you'll probably be asked to move through exercises with me at an increased pace as we move from one Pilates machine to another, and then over to the yoga mat for a short sequence of asanas, and then back to a Pilates machine again.  Expect to get specific cues from me, move intentionally at your speed, but also at this point you will no doubt be sweating!

3. Cool Down

It's time to slow it down, find your breath and start to calm down the adrenals.  Again, depending on your body's needs for the day, this may be accomplished fully on Pilates machines, or on the mat.  If tension remains, I will use fascial stretching or tension release techniques to further align the body before we end.  We will finally check your alignment and you'll take inventory of your body again.  It is often rewarding to find noticeable changes in your body and levels of energy.