my story...


I’ve been active my entire life in various forms of movement from sports to dance.  Being able to move with intention, grace and ease has always been my personal goal in studying Pilates  and yoga since 2000.  It's this goal that brought me to leave my 80 hour work weeks in management consulting and teach others what I love.

A perpetual student, my studies in movement are varied and extensive.  I am certified at the Pilates Integrated Teacher Training (ITT) in San Francisco, and have completed a 200+ hour Yoga Teacher Certification from Yoga Tree in San Francisco.  There are countless teachers (and students) who inspire me, but I contribute my budding techniques to experts I have studied and apprenticed with including Jean Sullivan, Madeline Black, Jean-Claude West, Irene Dowd and Harvey Deutch.  I am currently in the process of exploring the Lauren Berry Method of corrective massage under Senior Teacher Lynda Caesara in Berkeley.

My style of teaching doesn't easily fit in a box.  Simply put - I teach what I find to be effective in helping my students reach their goals.  This means taking the best in principles, exercises and techniques from Pilates, yoga and corrective/massage therapy.  Student goals that have been addressed include pre/post-natal prep and recovery, herniated discs, rotator cuff, knee injuries, sacroiliac joint disfunction, "get rid of my muffin top and give me a butt" name a few.  Whether your goal is to look great for your wedding, or address a more serious issue - I am excited to work with you.  

<3, Kinh

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