sonoma, ca

"Kinh is an exceptional pilates instructor -- she has an incredibly advanced and intuitive understanding of the body and its mechanics, and she has a keen eye to see the signs of strength and weakness your body demonstrates in every single session.  Not only are Kinh's workouts challenging, but I love that no two sessions are ever the same and she’s got great positive energy that makes working out fun!"


sonoma, ca

“Kinh is an amazing Pilates instructor who is a mindful practitioner of the body and has a full understanding of anatomy and physiology. Moreover, with her kind personality, warm spirit & sharp wit she is a delight to be around! I am immensely grateful to have found such a talent right here in our little city of Sonoma! 

Over a decade ago, I became attracted to Pilates upon learning of the ‘Pilates Promise’ as referenced by Joseph Pilates. Since then, I’ve been fortunate enough to have had several talented Pilates instructors but none have been as well rounded as Kinh!

In our sessions, Kinh has a laser focus and observes and adjusts the multitude of micro-articulations required in a single exercise. We quickly transition from one exercise sequence to the next switching from the various apparatus of Cadillac, Reformer and Chair etc. In addition to Pilates, Kinh has helped me to grow in my yoga practice too, which has been an incredible added bonus! 

Our private Pilates sessions are tailored to the evolving needs of my body on a given day. Our workouts are rigorous and build strength yet also promote healing and defend against my low back issues. When I leave a session I feel light, refreshed & balanced. For me, I’m living my best life when I have Pilates in it and sharing time with such a wonderful person as Kinh makes my sessions twice as great! “

"Kinh was my Pilates instructor for almost five years before she moved to Sonoma (I miss her... Please come back to SF!!). Her devotion to her craft and to making people receive the best possible Pilates instruction she can provide is unparalleled. Kinh helped me understand how extensively my body could move despite my thinking otherwise. She pushed the boundaries but always within the limits of what was safe for my body. 

Kinh is always looking for ways to improve her technique which in turn helps her student. She used these techniques to help heal my left knee, which had severe problems for several years. She also helped to educate and increase my awareness of my own body so that we could develop a home program to maintain the benefits of my work with her at the studio.

I highly recommend taking Pilates with Kinh for anyone looking for holistic wellness!"





"I've had various years-old injuries to the shoulders and lower back, and first started doing Pilates as part of my physical therapy. Once I was done with therapy I decided to continue with classes to help strengthen the core/back.

A lot of the people I dealt with seemed to see Pilates as just another workout. When I found Kinh, she was the first instructor after my physical therapist who was actually paying attention to my body (mechanics, alignment, weakness, etc.) 

The first question she always asked was “How is your body today?”. The sessions were always different depending on the answer. She would observe how my body moved and then make small adjustments which invariably served to extend my range of motion. She also worked to strengthen my body by gradually increasing the level of difficulty as well as by coming up with more & more challenging exercises.

Like others of her many San Francisco clients, I really miss her!"